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99 Awesome Crafts You Can Make For Less Than $5

Looking for fun DIY jewelry ideas and step by step jewelry making tutorials? Teens and adults love these handmade crafts for cool homemade fashion & gifts.

Byzantine chainmaille DIY jewelry tutorial

Is buying used jewelry a good idea? Everyone knows a lot of jewelers and dealers buy used jewelry, but does anyone really know what they end up doing with it?

Advice And Guidance On Jewelry That You Need To Read

I'm very excited to bring you my first jewelry tutorial! I had been debating what to make this week for 6 Weeks of Gifting .

This is a great tool for identifying necklace length. A great tool for when buying your jewellery online!- Great for helping DIY jewelry making.

How to Make Jewelry - 142 Beginner Tutorials

So, you are ready to become a jewelry maker? You are in luck because this collection, How to Make Jewelry: 142 Beginner DIY Jewelry Tutorials, is perfect for you. Designing your own jewelry is a ton of fun.

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

Want fantastic tips concerning handmade jewelry? Head out to my amazing info and get a Fine Handmade Jewelry Magazine Free!

Jewelry Tutorial: DIY Spiral Pendant Necklace

This DIY spiral pendant necklace jewelry tutorial is incredibly easy to make. It makes for a wonderful handmade gift idea for Mother's Day or a special treat for yourself!

50 DIY Jewelry tutorials Flamingo Toes - A ton of these are cute! I see a geode ring in my future.

Knot stud earrings

It's diy STUDS! That's all fine and good, but u gotta remember to be good to your ears and use the right materials and make them safe for yourself. Any wire cuts will be sharp until sanded down!

DIY Leather Bead Bracelet Tutorial from Happy Hour Projects.This bracelet is unique because the clasp is in the front. There is a good description of fold-over end caps that crimp the leather ends and make these ends easy to add jump rings to. For hundr