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Butterscotch Angel Delight, a yummy cheap pudding, we always had something sweet for pudding, this was one of my favourites, It still is my hubbies favourite flavour

School Country Dancing lessons

School Country Dancing lessons lol i remember these. all the boys not wanting to dance holding girls hands

My favorite lolly in the late 60's cost 5¢

"Rowntrees Jelly Tots soft and sweet. Rowntrees Jelly Tots good to eat. Lots of Jelly Tots in the Jelly Tots bag!

Fab and Zoom - they were huge back in the day. Or was it that I was just small?

The text and images used on the Fab and Rocket Lollies are iconic artwork as it has "zoom" making it out as if the noise is coming from the rocket. The image of the woman is also looking very as her hair is in a style.

"Paint Along With Nancy" (ITV series) Strangely comforting!

Short clip from the art TV show from the with the unforgettable Nancy Kominsky.