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Schon seit langem im Einsatz ist die Virtuelle Realität im Bereich der Flugsicherheit und der Pilotenausbildung. Flugsimulatoren ermöglichen heute das perfekte Training in virtuellen Flugzeugkabinen.

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$79.95 Scanmarker – note taking made insanely easy

Scanmarker – note taking made insanely easy: simply brush the pen scanner over any printed text, and input into your computer at the speed you scan it.

Theft Recovery Microchips Let You Digitally Mark All Items You Own

The Theft Recovery Microchips - Hammacher Schlemmer - When implanted into your personal, cherished items, these are the microchips that use radio frequency identification to verify ownership if items are lost or stolen. idea for theft protection

A multi-sensory feedback suit to experience the next level of gaming. Finally you get to feel what you’ve only been able to see. #VR #VirtualReality

So we're one step closer to true virtual reality. A Kickstarter Page just went live for the ARAIG Gaming Suit - a piece of wearable hardware designed to provide real, visceral sensory feedback.


Cosmopolis still in HQ.

The gifted house music producer, who sang lead vocals on "One More Time," succumbs to kidney disease at age

Apple, tutte le indiscrezioni in Rete  iPhone 5, i nuovi Mac e un mini-iPad

Apple, tutte le indiscrezioni in Rete iPhone 5, i nuovi Mac e un mini-iPad - Repubblica.it

What would an iPhone 5 look like if Apple's design department turned to the Magic Mouse for inspiration? That's the question ciccaresedesign attempts to answer with this sleek, curved iPhone 5 concept rendering.