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Falkor and Winzling

Falkor and Winzling

Kirin - It comes from East Asia, the spelling and look of the creature varying from country to country. Some call it the Asian Unicorn, though it can have antlers rather than a single horn. It is a hoofed, deer-like creature that usually has both scales and fur. It is sometimes depicted as being covered in flame...  - writing - inspiration - mythical creature

9 Epic, Underused Mythical Animals for Your Fantasy Novel

The Elfmaid music speaks to you in quiet times of healing. Listen to her golden strings to reassure, calm and inspire you. Ed Org


Artist: JP Targete - Title: legends of the cryptids - Card: Halcyon Asmodeus (Dejection)

Mengjia Longshan Temple, Taipei

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The American Revolution might have been a little less liberty and justice, a little more fighting Catholics and preparing for Heaven on Earth.

Gostelowe Standard No. 1776 Watercolor once in possession of Edward W. Copyprint Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution and Its Color Guard

The gangs of Boston figured prominently in the populism that sparked the American Revolution.

Boston's street gangs sparked the American Revolution.

dragones de dos cabezas reales - Buscar con Google

The multiple headed dragon, a mythical creature. J R R Tolkien once observed that in the realm of the dragon, humans are mythical creatures as well.