Explore Jace Wayland, Ninth Doctor, and more!


Harry Potter, The Ninth Doctor, and Donna would all be in there too. And don't forget Dan Howell, Gerard Way, and Martin Freeman.


Best of Tumblr part 4

I swear I am not cute/sweet. Don't call me that. I am evil. I am the shadows of the night. Fear me!

I'm totally a superwholock, but this is way too funny to not pin! Cause I'm totally a potterhead as well!

This is the most wonderful fandom thing I've seen this week and I totally sang along! << i'm even a member of the superwholock fandom and I agree. We shouldn't completely take over, as I am a member of many other fandoms as well.

The American public school system is held together by dark and arcane magic


"everyone's important when they're dead! everyone's important!" I love when fandoms high jack posts :)

Well i don't wanna die in the Tri wizard tournament i hope this version is safe

This is amazing

Done with the Internet…

Funny pictures about Shakespearean Gelato. Oh, and cool pics about Shakespearean Gelato. Also, Shakespearean Gelato photos.

Extremely concerned about myself now because my favorite character is a cowardice traitor

favorite characters from my fandoms are: Dean Winchester; Extremely concerned now.