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Hey!! Comment for me guys............Please!!My name is Ayesha

What does my name sound best with? Please comment below! My name is Destiny.

Still, spelling is still important. I will chastise you if you spell something wrong.

Only repost if you can read that is a preety amazing fact about the human that i really did not know

Sorry but I'm already sick. Plus I could use some good luck I have a competition on Monday.

just for fun<<today is sunday and tomorrow is monday eek better pin it

2 kinds of people in this world

2 kinds of people

this is true >>> left side all the way (except for pepsi. I like pepsi)

Guess! If you get them all right, you get a shout out! P.S. @☮Twinnie✌Chloe☮ @Antonia and Shannon @fluffywuffyfufuJR @Debbie DeLieto  Kenzie Forever ♥  @♕Twinnie♕Paige♕ You guys cannot do it because there is no point lol!

Whoever can guess all of these right will get a shoutout on my most popular board!

DON'T STOP RE- PINNING! Pinterest I hope you get this we really should do this

From now on I am pinning everything in a random board, because I have no idea which board of the stuff I pin goes.

Wow I wonder how many people snapped there fingers when they read it........ I did

Did you know that it actually is fake? When I snap my middle finger doesn't touch my palm. Or maybe I'm just that talented.they always said I was special. Hmmmm<<It hits my hand but not my palm

Can you see the word "Liar"?

Just look sideways on the face ' do not read this ending if u wanna find out!" Okay I found liar CX " also comment down whatcha got"

I don't know HOW this made me a better person but we where forced to play recorders all though elementary school...mine was pink

I don't know HOW this made me a better person but we where forced to play recorders all the time in elementary school music class.mine was pink