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The Scorch Trials Movie Poster - Fan Made ! Just 2 more years till the movie comes out !

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Le Labyrinthe 2 : La Terre Brulée – The Maze Runner 2

conseillée par lectrice. Une bonne lecture ado SF, haletante. Pour ceux qui ont aimé hunger games. A rapprocher de "Pixel" : monde où les adolescents vivent en autonomie, mais controlés par une force supérieure dont ils ignorent tout.

Le Labyrinthe

The Maze Runner / Le Labyrinthe => Ce film est juste génial !

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A little poem: Roses are red, Violets are blue, it's called The Scorch Trials not The Maze Runner about rose has my nose, Minho has hair gel, it's called Scorch Trials not Maze Runner 2 (I'm not good at poems)

Kaya Scodelario - The Scorch Trials poster

Le Labyrinthe 2 : nouvelle bande annonce

the scorch trials movie I just finished the first book And I'm exited for the second!!

Hope the movie producers make the Scorch Trials movie as good as or better than The Maze Runner movie.