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Mama cat with her baby kitten. Can anything else be any sweeter than a mother's love?


Two headed cat. Well, I have heard that 2 heads are better than This must be the world's smartest cat!

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I remember as a child having a Himalayan kitten but Mateese got sick and had to be put down. So cute - She kinda looks like baby Chloe.


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cute baby animals kitten sleeping with a stuffed animal kitty.one of my favorites!

Awww this is so cute!

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Basket full of kitten cuteness . I would take all of them home and be a crazy cat lady in one fell swoop!

did you know that black and tortoiseshell cats are the hardest to adopt because people consider them bad luck or ugly? how could you look at this little guy and think "ugly"????

Little kitten Memebon is known as the most cutest kitten in the world! She is a sweet Exotic Shorthair kitten from Japan, everyone loves.


Yep I am cute kitty cat indeed .and my mom will be taken me soon to be Spayed.then I wont go into that Heat Stuff Behavior or be able to make any more kitties as well! Cool deal with me! That giving birth thing I heard really sucks!