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My 5th entry for the contest shanenopolis 's Arsenal Concept fav.me/d7396cq I hope its not too big, but the gun is okay, yeah that big cannon.. allright that's all, cheers! for more check this site...

New Cordian Expeditionary Corps' APC of choice, the Loggerhead is amphibious and heavily armored. It holds one six-man squad, plus extra supplies and ammo. A squad's Loggerhead is essentially their.

Artist: Daryl Mandryk - roguetelemetry: (via ArtStation - Recon squad, Daryl…

Eliott Lilly: Conceptual Growth.: H.ARM MK4 SUIT complete.

Crazy tech illustration by our friend Eliott. Spotted on NUTHIN' BUT MECH. Keywords: concept robot art design by eliott lilly conceptua.

Aaron Beck: Chappie!

I didn't get a chance to do a whole lot on Chappie due to other projects, and the only stuff of mine in the Art Of book, and therefore ok .

Fausto De Martini

We have some incredible science fiction themed creations by Fausto De Martini, a freelance concept artist working in the video game and movie industry.