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Esta imagem pertence a Stephen Silver.  Rascunhos de mãos são ótimos exercícios. Você pode treinar com suas próprias mãos no espelho ou com alguma referência. www.darlion.com.br

Enjoy a collection of references for Character Design: Hands Anatomy. The collection contains illustrations, sketches, model sheets and tutorials… This gal

How to draw a sideways manga face http://pinterest.com/pin/485333297321178002/

Drawing a head from a side view is so hard compared to drawing a face straight on

Ear Drawing Reference | Drawing References and Resources | Scoop.it

Ears are certainly one of the most overlooked part of the human features I think. I actually became quite conscience on how I draw& ears many years back when I started CGing. Drawing ears are .


qinni: “ Full View here 111 feet sketches/references to challenge myself. Mostly to cure myself of a condition called i-suck-at-drawing-feet.

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Chart showing different styles of eyes for male anime/manga characters. All notes are written in Japanese!: pissed of anime eyes male gestures moods