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Cassandra Jean

cassandraclare: “ Part of Cassandra Jean’s Seasons project — TMI was fall, TiD was winter, and the Dark Artifices was summer. The Last Hours is spring. From left, Alastair Carstairs arguing with.

Cassandra Jean | The Dark Artifices takes the season of summer at, where else, Zuma Beach in LA. From left: Cristina, Jaime, Julian, Emma, Drusilla, Tavvy, Livvy, Tiberius, and Mark. All Blackthorns but three. The Mortal Instruments being...

cassandraclare: “ Taking a break briefly from the tarot card project, I asked Cassandra Jean to draw the four seasons as the four Shadowhunter series I have either written or planned right now — The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, the Dark.

Anna Lightwood

Cassandra Jean Cassandra ClareSketch of Anna Lightwood from The Last Hours (to be written by cassandraclare)