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Colosseum,the most powerful symbol of the Roman Empire's glorious past,is one of Italy's most represented images all over the world.It has a long history in front of us more than 1900 years.Colosseum is so important in the world so that archaeologists try their best to preserve and maintain the original 2000-year-old structure of this magnificent buliding.--Sam

Colosseum - Rome - Italy- This is one of the largest roman land marks left today. It is one of the greatest architectural feats ever built. The Colosseum was filled up with thousands of people and was the center of Roman entertainment.

Of the billion pictures I've seen of the colosseum, I really like this one. places-id-like-to-go

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Colosseum and Via Sacra, Sunrise, Rome, Italy Photographic Print by Michele Falzone

Rome Rome Rome

The Coliseum, Rome, Italy; this place is overrun by feral cats .

Florence, Italy . . . one of my favorite places!  I was lucky to visit again in 2008 for David's 50th birthday.

The Ponte Vecchio at sunset taken from Michelangelo Park. The Park is a place across the Arno from Florence where people gather to wait for the sunset to light up this ancient city in Italy.

Venice, Italy was romantic and the people wonderful.  It's my 2nd favorite place so far next to Santorini, Greece!

Venice, Italy

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