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Sans-sei, funny, text, comic, Sans, Undertale characters, Team 7, Naruto…

Sans-sei, funny, text, comic, Sans, Undertale characters, Team 7, Naruto…

This is for using comic sans

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

A little humor for the end of the semester - we need it. There are people in my office who still design posters with Comic Sans. Perhaps if I resorted to physical violence, I could remove it from the walls.

Undertale - I Miss You by TC-96.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Undertale - I Miss You by on Deviantart (This joke will never be missed)

Sans - Pacifist, Underfell, and Genocide AU - comic

(Sans - Pacifist, Underfell, and Genocide AU - comic) Sans and Sans talking about Papyrus because one of their brother is already a-head of them in the afterlife.

undertale, comic, sans, chara, fanart

I read this a million times and I swear my friend made this just for me to see it. She knows I hate puns <<<< You hate puns? Back to comic.if they meet, Chara may be a good person, I think.

Ha! In Comic Sans' defense, however, it IS one of the absolute easiest fonts to read and is great for people with low reading skills (adult learners, ESL with a non-Latin alphabet, children, persons with learning disabilities, etc). There's a lot of comic sans hate, but it's a really easy to read font.

Font snarkiness - funny as I use Papyrus and Bradley a lot for work - admit to using Comic Sans too for student assignments.

Sans, Frisk, and Papyrus - comic - http://ohheyimpaola.tumblr.com/post/133349439890/papyrus-is-getting-real-tired-of-your-shit-sans

Learning to ride a bike

[Comic] New pet by ClaraKerber on DeviantArt

Sans just doesn't miss a single opportunity ;B and that little bird that carries you always looked like a duck to me ºuº -- ClaraK. [Comic] New pet

The corporate side of me finds this hilarious!!  I would have totally thought this way back in the day!

Please Don't Use Comic Sans

see, it's funny, but then the Fortune 500 company had to go and capitalize company and lemonade stand. equally as bad as Comic Sans But it is a really REALLY important lemonade stand. not just ANY lemonade stand.