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@Urban Outfitters #Balloon #Animals. $7.00

@Urban Outfitters #Balloon #Animals. $7.00

A room full of balloons

and 3000 balloons!

Bon Bon Balloons

Super stylish, beautiful balloons to style your big day. Think rainbow colours, confetti, bespoke hand crafted decorative strings and lots of smiles!

Balloon Decor 1 - Sue Bowler CBA, £30.00

Sue Bowler is a professional balloon artist and industry balloon art instructor. With over 20 years experience within the balloon industry, Sue Bowler can create balloon decor and balloon art for all occasion.

The release of masses of pink balloons in honor of April Fools in Istanbul!

Pink Balloons (Istanbul): Pink balloons are released on April Fool's Day. by tisha

Balloons, Wedding Balloons, Creative Backdrop, Wedding Backdrop, Wedding Decor Ideas, Wedding Trend (2)

Wedding Trend Alert: Balloon Backdrops creative ideas for your wedding day decor from an experienced wedding planner and event designer

Release Balloons as the Bride and Groom Walks by. Tie a balloon or 2 to each chair before the ceremony

I actually went to an event where they released hundreds of white balloons into the night's dark sky and as terrible as I thought it was for the environment, like terrible. It was also one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

photo IMG_7037b.jpg

I love the balloons plus tissue paper balls hung under a light over the table. I have some tissue paper balls in the nursery and remember them being easy to make. This look is very fun without looking over the top.

Party time

color- i chose this because i love attending concerts or huge parties and love how the color of the balloons stand out in the picture.

I want pink and purple balloons released after I die. Maybe red too. With messages written on them.

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