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How to candy a rose petal {use un-sprayed roses, brush with egg whites, cover in fine sugar, leave on rack to dry}

Candied Rose Petals 1 pasteurized egg white beaten with a little water…

How to make rose petal honey

DIY: Rose Petal Honey

“ DIY: Rose Petal Honey On my last day in India, I had my first taste of rose petal honey, swirled into the yogurt I ate for breakfast as I sat on a balcony watching the Taj Mahal shimmer through a.

The edible Snow Globes CUTEST Christmas treats ever!

This has to be the cutest. Great project for the little one's at school. Edible Snow Globes are the CUTEST Christmas treats ever! You can make them with your family this holiday season.

Pickled Rose Petals  As a summer salad topper with feta cheese and crushed hazel nuts and fresh sliced figs maybe?? Mmmm

Pickled Rose Petals

Pistachio  Rose Cookies, HeNeedsFood (butter, vanilla caster sugar, egg, rose water, plain flour, ground pistachios, dried rose petals)

Pistachio & rose cookies

PISTACHIO & ROSE COOKIE: 250 g unsalted butter, softened ¾ cup vanilla caster sugar 1 egg 2 tsp rose water cups plain flour 70 g ground pistachio's, plus extra to garnish 3 tbsp dried rose petals, plus extra to garnish

i've never heard of rose petal jam before but it looks tasty and beautiful

Rose Petal Jam - Note: Strain out petals before pouring into jar - Note: liquid pectin fl.

Not only are bananas delicious, they are full of potassium. This easy cup cake recipe is sure to impress the taste buds.

Cupcakes are easy to make and delicious as a tea time snack or dessert. This recipe will show you how to bake delicious simple cupcakes. Enjoy them as is or spruce them up with toppings. Your imagination is the limit.

Check this cute coffee cup cupcake! I love it! :)

Cup cake tea cups - Reminds me of the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland where the march hare sliced the teacup in two.


Create Delicious Candied flowers Recipe By Edain McCoy's "Ostara" Petals from any edible flower (These flowrs may be safely eaten and are su.

Rose Petal Sorbet - This recipe actually uses real rose petals! Only 198 calories and trace amount of fat--my kind of dessert!

Rose Petal Sorbet

Rose Petal Sorbet Recipe -Hot summer days call for a refreshing sorbet. This recipe from out Test Kitchen combines pleasing citrus and floral flavors.

Roses are an edible flower, perfect for confecting Valentine's Day treats. These rose petal gummies are beautiful and healthier than candy alternatives. While they look impressive, they are actually quite simple to make!

Make Rose Petal Gummies for Valentine's Day this weekend and have them with some Cheese and a glass of wine. It's the little things that count.

Ways to make over a store-bought cake: Edible Flower Cake | Design Love

7 ways to turn a plain, white, store-bought cake into something fantastic.

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10 Bridal Shower Food Ideas And Recipes - Genius Kitchen

Stuffed Cucumber Cups: An easy to make and fun to serve party finger food. This creamy blue cheese and walnut mixture can also be used to stuff celery and cherry tomatoes.

Candied flowers for Ostara! The whole newsletter is actually pretty great.

Make your own candied flowers: Mix a few drops of vanilla into the egg whites. Next, dip a paintbrush in the egg whites and coat the petals. Lastly, dip petals into sugar until coated, then spread on wax paper to dry.

Put melting chocolate in piping bags, close tight and rest in hot water until melted then pipe designs on cakes and cupcakes

What a great idea for decorating cakes and desserts! Putting candy melts in piping bags that are closed with no cut tip, heating them in hot water, then cutting off the tip using!