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História 2ª Guerra Mundial: os combatentes mais resistentes da Alemanha nazista: SS Totenkopf Division

Kradschützen ("motorcycle infantry") of SS-Division (mot) Totenkopf, Panzergruppe Heeresgruppe Nord on their way to Leningrad; Motorcycle infantry usually deployed in recon and pathfinder roles

Waffen SS combat in Kharkov area March 1943.

A Leibstandarte motorcyclist demonstrates the perils of attempting to travel on Russian roads in the rasputiza. Twice a year all meaningful attacks ground to a halt as the roads remained largely impassable.

Faces of war: Leibstandarte soldiers during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

Leibstandarte soldier fires a flare during Operation Barbarossa in

Waffen SS Officer Service Tunic & Breeches - Untersturmführer Rank - 2nd SS…

Waffen SS In Action In France: Pictures By War Reporter Friedrich Zschäckel

SS "Das Reich" - SS-Sturmbannführer Christian Tyschen, SS- Obersturmführer Hans Pavelka, SS-Untersturmführer Karl-Heinz Worthmann.

Waffen SS Panzer officer Michael Wittmann, German Tiger tank Ace of the war. A "Stud" in the German Tank Forces.

Men of SS-verfügungstruppen Regiment “Germania” most likely in the lowlands of France during Unternehman Fall Gelb.

German Soldiers during World War II They look like SS but their collar insignia has been removed or retouched. Note the Bergmann SMG of the leader.