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Time for beautiful dress from Devilnight! Model, make-up, hair, edit: Daedra Dress: Devilnight Photographer: Katarzyna Duk

Crystal Renn PASTA

We don't really want to give anyone the satisfaction of being shocked by the French Vogue shoot involving Crystal Renn, Terry Richardson, and a "gluttony" theme.

Great goth, if anyone ask how a cool vamp should be look like, this is it. Model: Darya Goncharova

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This was formerly titled "steampunk tudor style", and as much as I Love steampunk, let's stop labeling anything and everything gothic 'steampunk'. This is elegant Victorian Goth, and is very reminiscent to Stevie Nicks attire.

Fendi - Original continuation of the story "Snow White and the Huntsman" Characters - Queen Ravenna, Mirrorman Cosplayers - Nelly Schwarz, Photographer Dmitry Konoplev - Roman City Gloss - Nizhny Novgorod

Richard Pryde, via Gothic And Amazing

Richard Pryde Photography - Nicole and Megan - stylist Fiori Couture - hair Sasha Gold - makeup Kim Young

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Rebelsmarket steel boned skeleton faux leather goth overbust fetish corset 9 to ship bustiers and corsets 3

So true! LOL! Except I had great parents that let me express myself and I did dress Gothic.

joanashino: “I think the 12 year old me would totally have a crush on the grown up me. That sounded kinda wrong. Inspired by the quote from with some minor alterations.

Viktorianische Kleidung (Gothic Halloween Art)

Victorian Steampunk Gothic Bustle Dress with Train ~ Vampire Ball Masquerade Alternative Halloween Wedding Gown ~ 19 century Period Dress

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