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Horse Sense uses Equine therapy to help participants gain an understanding of self and their relationships to others through non-riding interactive, experiential learning activities with horses

Cowgirls--would be awesome on wood pallet and hung on the wall in a guest bathroom!

Cowgirl prints of western pencil drawings by Virgil C. All of the prints on this page are done originally in pencil. The drawings depict western, child cowgoys, child cowgirls, rodeo cowgirls and romantic pencil drawings of women

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This is the horse prayer and it makes me SO happy and almost cry! This is for all the horse lovers!


I always thought the "professionals" were wimps.yet they still say we aren't real athletes<<<<<<< barrel racers are hard core!

a perfect horse never made a horseman

It's not all about the horse! No one can call themselves an equestrian if you cant ride a difficult horse.