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The Cosmic Pendulum

Diagrams by Walter Russell

Walter Russell and The Secret of Light

The Secret of Light

The Wave Cycle - Cathode Waves Wind the Cosmic Clock Centripetally - Anode Transverse Waves Unwind it Centrifugally

The Winding of the Cosmic Clock Spring

Analysis of the Harp String. All Things are Involved in All Things, The Winding of the Cosmic Clock Spring, The Unwinding of the Cosmic Clock Spring, The Nine Octave Harp of the Universe.

Oil Painting, Circa 1921. by Walter Russell (a man ahead of his time)

Oil Painting, Circa by Walter Russell (a man ahead of his time)

Diffraction Wave Pattern on Equator of Lens. See Fig. | Flickr

Diffraction wave pattern on equator of lens. Scientific illustration by Walter Russell.

Thomas Wright of Durham. Celestial Map of the Universe. 1742.

1742 Celestial Map of the Universe - Astronomy Art Print - Antique Map - Restoration Style - Vintage Cool Gift for Men - Old Maps and Prints

Outsider scientific-mystic Walter Russell developed a lifelong philosophy based on the unifying principles of forces within the cosmos – what seems like a kind of pseudo-scientifically framed offshoot of non-dualism. The most interesting elements his work are the diagrams and charts illustrating his books. They document an idiosyncratic understanding of natural phenomena such as light, magnetism, thermodynamics, waves and vibration.

In the Walter Russell suggested The Spiral Periodic Table of Elements, which enhanced and fulfilled the previous Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements.