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Pilot Captain Brian Bews parachutes to safety as his fighter jet plummets to the ground during a practice flight at the Lethbridge County Airport for a weekend airshow in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


“Black Knights” Break Sound Barrier – Chris M. Valdez

Breaking the sound barrier. Military jets used to do this all the time over our house in rural Maine.breaking the sound barrier.

Turn and Burn by Kedar Karmarkar on 500px

from the Indian Air Force performing its Tac Demo. "Turn and Burn" by Kedar Karmarkar

Had the honour of being on the RAF Harrier Force in RAFG. This is an awesome image of a RAF Harrier "Knife Edge"

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Sam the Rocketman, Keen interests in astronomy, world war, history, coldwar era and metal.


Blue Angels over Lake Washington during Seafair Seattle. I wanna go up in a Blue Angel SO BAD.

B-52 going supersonic...that's the shit there!!!  I didn't know that they could do that.

going supersonic . not, contrary to the description usually accompanying this photo. Vapor cones are often generated at transonic speeds in moist air. Max speed of the Buff is Mach well short of supersonic.

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Sound barrier.. seeing this in person is beyond awesome!!

Picture This: Transonic Jet Gathers Clouds

I've always thought this was amazing. When a jet breaks the speed of sound,you can actually see the sound barrier break.

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Harrier fighter jet hovering over aircraft carrier. Harriers are planes specially equipped with the ability V/STOL operations.) I've seen one take-off and land in person!