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OMG this is awesome! For those of you who don't get it, this is [...] <<< Don't tell them!!!

Guys, I don't get it.<<<I just figured it out, it's the game Portal bc the portals are orange and blue and its supposed to look like the fork is halfway through the portal


Tumblr Stuff #29 I really only pinned it because of the last one because WHAT THE EVEN

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Ohhhh!!! Key lime pie wedges dipped in chocolate would be awesome for an additional wedding treat!!! So yummy and amazing!!!!

not cheesecake. do not deepthroat wood, it's hazardous. as can be the same with cheesecake.

Tumblr gets evil

*Moriarty voice* Say that again! Say that again and know that if youre lying to me, I will find you and I will skiiiinn you.:<<<😂 well that escalated quickly

Pony and t-rex

Here's what happens when you mess with customer service. Lol I want to encounter awesome customer service like that.

Tumblr jokes.

This brings back memories of when my brother and I found out that Velma says that and laughed so hard. Then I wrote a Scooby-Doo fanfiction on a text to speech app. it was fun.<<<Oh lord.

The last one tho hahaha

I would bring you Ryan Gosling.but if he was busy, I'd still bring the cake, cat, and the balloons. (the friends i wish i had, but i got stuck at the first picture and never found those awesome people)

I stared at this for a full minute before I fully grasped what happened here. Then I laughed. A lot. http://ibeebz.com

I stared at this for a full minute before I fully grasped what happened here. A lot.CTH still got stuck