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hahaha i thought it was stupid at first

First time watching Doctor Who. vs watching Doctor Who now.this is a very sad form of true

Idk guys TARDIS is pretty nice

The Doctor: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. before dying. Do you know what happens if you hold two identical sonic devices against each other? Miss Foster: No. The Doctor: Nor me. Let's find out! also y u can't give me nice things

Disney fairy tales plus the Doctor

Illustrations of Disney Princesses Meeting the Doctor in the TARDIS

"Oh my doctor who & disney princess'!" Yup cause Jack Skellington is a Disney princess and I'm fairly certain little red isn't a Disney princess either.<<< NMBC Jack is a princess. The doctor is a princess. Everyone is a princess.

Gallifreyan sticky notes the Doctor writes to himself

It went from Ten and Rose feels to Donna sass to Captain Jack can't keep his pants on. My god the Ten/Rose feels though

Doctor Who in Cartoon Style. ~ ksc I can not tell who the artist is though, which is a shame because this Doctor characters are great :) ♥♥

Doctor Who in Cartoon Style.

Doctor Who in Cartoon Style. Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean played the doctor for comic relief, although he was only the doctor for 20 minutes I'm glad he got a mention

Haha, stupid Mickey. >>> Why would you think of Adam as a companion before Mickey? Adam was a companion to Nine for, what?, two episodes? Mickey was companion to Nine and Ten and not just for one journey! Eesh...<< we don't talk about Adam. But we love our Mickey.

Little River and Rory sleeping on Eleven's shoulder and adorable Rose and Jack and Donna and Martha and Amy and Clara and agh<< Awww! Poor Mickey the Idiot!

Why is it after all these years and all the possible technology, some of the scariest things the Doctor fights are clockwork?:  By ciaobella_usa on Cheezburger

Who's Logic

Why is it that some of The Doctor's scariest enemies are clockwork! :)- because people are always afraid of the clock running out and their time being over.even the Doctor.<<<<< that's awesome and sad and scary.