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"Embrace" Artist: Kelly Rae Roberts

This lesson is always present for me: embrace the present moment, embrace change, embrace joy, embrace struggle, embrace the full breath of life.

Everyone has a #calling , what is yours?  If you need help figuring out what it is, here are a few ideas to get you started...  http://www.vibrantlivingproject.com/what-is-calling-you/

What is calling you? {Listen to the whispers.}

Kindness Matters is a call to action – to bring simple, mindful kindness, and conscious care into every moment of the day.

kindness matters

Kellyrae Roberts

Dear you, you can release me, and gently let me go. All my best, Fear - Kelly Rae Roberts

Christmas Heart

Feels like perfect timing to "Slow down, and enjoy the treasures of the season." How's your Christmas heart doing?

So here's to trusting our divinity. We are all such sacred light beings, and everything we do/create/dream/witness/experience matters in more ways than we can even know.

Link to a great little post about time, the nature of time, of trust, and our perceptions of both. kelly rae: New Art :: Trust Your Divinity