l304 - One Piece Dress - LOLITA

Bodyline Antique Clock OP in Black (might be getting this one in pink actually XP)

l560 - Jumper Skirt - LOLITA

If you've ever played Style Savvy, you would know that these dresses would come from Marble Lily.

Bodyline-L577 Red

Bodyline-L577 Red

Bodyline-l364 [Black, purple, pink, sax; 2L].

Sweet Princess & Lolita lace ruffles collar short-sleeved summer shirt (may provide a large yard) - Taobao

Pirate lolita

I found 'Pirate Lolita Elegant Gothic Bias Diamond Corset Skirt *MTO Gothic Lolita - Skirt [Cosmates]' on Wish, check it out!

Bodyline - l130 Sax

Bodyline skirt in black I find this skirt sort of hard to coordinate because of its details but I really like it.