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McGonagall is McGonagone. That is a definition of a pun that's so bad it is suddenly a thing of beauty. 22 "Harry Potter" Puns That Are So Bad They're Good

Badger, Board, Sign

Faith In Humanity Restored.  Harry Potter vs. Twilight.

Faith In Humanity Restored. Twilight sucks and Idc if you're a "die-hard" twilight fan.Harry potter was the best series anyone could have ever wrote!

Harry Potter One-shots (DISCONTINUED) - Lexy Luna x Draco Malfoy - Wattpad

Harry Potter One-shots (DISCONTINUED) - Lexy Luna x Draco Malfoy

Read Lexy Luna x Draco Malfoy from the story Harry Potter One-shots (DISCONTINUED) by (Samantha Hope) with reads.

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harry and Voldemort yo mama jokes is just to funny, not quite sure why but I can't stop laughing<<<<wrong form of to, support to be too

i have the gif pinned somewhere on this board with him deflecting mcgonagall's attacks, but he strategically aims them behind him and takes out both the carrows.

Snape lowers his wand. Because this scene has happened before. A woman jumps in front of Harry to save his life. Lily Potter and Professor McGonagell

So much

A fandom's mutual hatred.> I wanted Voldemort to die a quick, clean, painless death. I wanted her to have her to be kissed by dementors and then have to live the rest of her miserable life.