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Papua New Guinea Chimbu tribe

Chimbu tribes from Papua New Guinea are known for huge headdresses.

Chimbu tribe painted in traditional skeleton design. Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Omo Masalai tribe from Simbu / Chimbu - All the make up of this tribe was made to frighten the enemies, I imagine that at night, in a forest, this may works well! Mount Hagen festival singsing, Papua New Guinea - Eric Lafforgue

Papua New Guinea  www.papua-by-raz.co.il/papua פפואה גינאה החדשה

Stunning contrast of black face paint and the bright feathers of the Eclectus Parrots - Chimbu-tribesman, Papua New Guinea Malcolm Kirk

Huli פפואה גינאה החדשה  www.papua-by-raz.co.il/papua

Papua New Guinea, Huli tribesman, Ialuba area, Southern Highlands. Man As Art © Malcolm Kirk.

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Mount Hagen Festival, Papua New Guinea by Eric Lafforgue

Chimbu Papuan man, covered with mud - Papua New Guinea Eglu Narko, from Chimbu men tribe. With mud on his face to celebrate a death. - Papua New Guinea , Highlands, Mount Hagen festival singsing © Eric Lafforgue www.

* Black and white dance, at the Mount Hagen singsing (Papua New Guinea).  Image credit: Miguel-Ángel

Black and white dance, at the Mount Hagen singsing (Papua New Guinea) ~ Photo Credit: Miguel-Ángel

Papua New Guinea, the worlds second largest island, after Greenland located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It lies to the east of the Malay Archipelago, with which it is sometimes included as part of a greater Indo-Australian Archipelago.

Papua New Guinean Aboriginal man wearing tribal headdress with feathers from King of Saxony Bird of Paradise (Pteridophora alberti), Papua New Guinea