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ESPIRITU WICCA: Ritual de Dedicación a la Senda Wicca

When life is unbearable or difficult God puts his hands out for you.

This beautiful artwork is by the visionary artist Duguay - scroll to the bottom…

16 de Febrero, 2015  Todo lo que estáis viviendo en estos momentos no son estados de movimiento o cambio de vibración, no maestros, todos estáis viviendo un salto de dimensión, no estáis viviendo estados evolutivos. Sed conscientes que no estáis dando cambios evolutivos, todos vosotros en el Planeta Tierra estáis dando un salto dimensional, estáis pasando de una dimensión a otra, todos estáis haciendo su transición de tercera a quinta dimensión. Ver completo:

Mensaje de Amor: Lunes, 16 de Febrero 2015

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Read the comforting 'I know you are in Heaven' poem by Mary Jac, and browse through the beautiful collection of inspiring heavenly images by the visionary artist Duguay - you are sure to feel at peace when doing so.

Mother Earth

A painter as well as a messenger of light, Mario Duguay shares with you his universe where dream worlds encounter the magic of being. His magical works of art are rich in color and universal symbols; they are the fruit of his ongoing inner discoveries.

I found a dream that I could speak too and rest my head in. It takes me far. My portal window. It is my own creation and inspiration. It brings me here. For now.

If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane, I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again.