Mike Connors as Hatfield Gambler (1966) by Norman Rockwell for the movie Stagecoach

Norman Rockwell - Mike Connors as Hatfield Gambler for the movie Stagecoach, 1966

Bing Crosby as Doc Josiah Boone in 'Stagecoach' // painted by Norman Rockwell

1966 Norman Rockwell La Diligence Vers L Ouest Bing Crosby Diligence Towards The West Bing Crosby Huile Sur Toile Cm

Robert Cummings - Banker 1966 Stagecoach, by Norman Rockwell

Robert Cummings - Banker in the 1966 movie "Stagecoach", by Norman Rockwell - DID-YOU-KNOW: Bob Cummings was a pilot in his private life and the Wright Brothers were his Godfathers? He also played in "Love that Bob" on TV in early