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garadinervi: “Dan Friedman, Graphic Design Alumni AGS Basel, Philadelphia…

yalegraphicdesign: “garadinervi: “ Dan Friedman, Graphic Design Alumni AGS Basel, Philadelphia College of Art, December 1967 ” Dan Friedman (taught graphic design at the Yale School of Art from 1969 to ”

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Made by DRAWSWORDS AMSTERDAM This graphic identity for the 2009 Open Day of The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, was based on the ongoing need for human hands to sculpt digital ‘clay’.

메일 - 조 경호 - Outlook

Poster by Xavier Esclusa Trias. A series of self advertising posters for Twopots Design Studio. We bank on simplicity, we love the Swiss line of design, we believe that less is more. Simple but visually powerful, that's what defines our company.

http://sudpol-plakate.blogspot.ch/search/label/Felix Pfäffli:

"Doomenfels - Wavering Hands", - Lo-Fi Music by 'Südpol-Plakate': Club Koncert, Südpol - GraphicArt by "Feixen" Studio Design (Switzerland) of Felix Pfäffli (b. Swiss), Size: 42 x 30 cm.

Stankowski-Stiftung · Anton Stankowski · Das Werk

The combination of colors as well as the symmetrical yet unique shape that is presented makes this poster fun.