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If only i knew the man i fell in love with and my dream prince were the same. I would not know this face in the mirror so well

In my opinion a very understated detail of aurora is her expressions throughout the movie- they say more than her words which is rare in an animated movie from then but shows the understanding disney had of someone who was troubled but truly regal.

Why Judy and Nick got along so well at the end.

Meant for each other as platonic friends. Disney needs more platonic male/female relationships

Peter doesn't want kisses... This madr my day! This picture  kinda shows why I love Disney parks' characters

He's like not today Wendy. She has to be stealthy like Zelda or Annabeth or even Winry

Princess Aurora Coloring Page by MistyTang on deviantART

We're throwing another Coloring Book Challenge contest over at , and I thought it'd be fun to take another crack at it~ It's a fun challenge, highly rec. Princess Aurora Coloring Page

sleeping beauty

Well, Aurora is not one of my favorite princesses, but it was my friends favorite princess. She moved and I will probably never see her again.