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"Invisible me". I like this photograph because of its repetition and color. I do not know the photographer. http://whispsofinvisibleme.tumblr.com/post/35423578059#

All I need is sun, sea, and sand; or a beach, a boat, and a book.


I really like this photo as I like how the pieces of wood holding the pier up create a sort of far distance tunnel. The low tide creates the redlection of the pier in the water over the sand.

light playing

Sun Ray Boardwalk, Jersey Shore photo via pine. Looking beneath the obvious, literally.


I always get excited when I kick off the shoes and walk down a path like this.knowing that the ocean, beach, sky, etc.is just ahead!


Replace the middle board on a picnic table with rain gutter.greatest idea ever

I want this to my driveway or backyard!

Looks just like the beach at Destin, FL that we went to all the time. The most beautiful place to be, sand is all white and shiny and the gulf is a beautiful blue color.

Image of Changing Lines - Type II

Type II

'We stay chill' . I'd love to live in a place where this is the mantra