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Vizsla dogs-i-like

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Viszla puppy, so cuteee... why can I not stop looking up dogs??

Meet the breed Vizsla

Gus the Vizsla Pictures 9219

Gus's mom says: Gus is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. He loves to run free in the dog park. His specialty is tiring out the older dogs with rambunctious play.

vizsla puppy

If Andrew gets a viszla this summer I don't even know what I would do.

Vizsla puppy!  Awww...memories...

So sweet!

Possibly our next puppy. Lol. Its a vizsla puppy. :). Too cute

Aaww this one looks like it's begging for you to take with you. Apparently they are super affectionate so they got the nickname 'velcro dog' as they want to be in close touch with you all the time .