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Playing in the snow

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Tiger in Snow  Wouldn't want to own one... but... *sigh* beautiful

Tiger of Winter by Ryu Jong Soung. The snow makes the bold coloring of this gorgeous cat even more remarkable!

Porque me pertenece todo animal silvestre del bosque, las bestias sobre mil montañas. (Salmo 50:10) SB

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest of all big cats. Less than tigers exist in the wild today. At one time, there were 9 subspecies. Three subspecies are now extinct.

tiger, tiger...

bengal-tiger- my favorite! [The Bengal tiger is the most numerous tiger subspecies. Its populations have been estimated at in India, 440 in Bangladesh, in Nepal and in Bhutan. Since it has been classified as endangered by the IUCN.


wandering-through-nature: “ Kissing tiger cubs (by Tambako the Jaguar).


Sumatran tiger JoJo and her cub on the left. (Photo / Woodland Park Zoo) JoJo was euthanized at age RIP JoJo.

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to m ft) over curves and weighing up to kg lb) in the wild.

Siberian tiger

Siberian tiger - so majestic, doesn't belong in a show in Vegas

tiger | Amur tigers share their home with critically endangered Amur leopards ...

The most immediate threat to the survival of the Amur tiger is poaching to supply demand for tiger parts on the black market. Learn more about what WWF is doing to protect its future, and how you can help.