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From Enemies To Lovers? The Case Of Shizuo Heiwajima & Izaya Orihara - Shizaya

XD What Are They Doing? XD

It took me a while to realize what was happening there xD

Durarara Gif. "We tried to kill each other the day we met. Not for any particular reason, I just really hated him."

Shizuo and Izaya ~ gif ~ I cannot complain of the fangirls having strange thoughts, if Shizuo feels the need to lay his forehead to Izaya's everytime they pick a fight AND Izaya doesn't try to avoid it ~

Shizaya 002 {Eng} - Sorry for not posting a doujinshi yesterday!

Durarara!! | DRR!! | Mikado Ryuugamine | Anime | Screenshot | Quote | SailorMeowMeow

Summary: After the neck scar girl had fallen asleep, Mikado had invited Masaomi over and told him what happened.