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"You may not end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you were meant to be." love this inspirational quote. Such a great reminder that life's a journey and it doesn't always happen as we intended it to- but that's okay!

Don't play small just so that others may like you or because you're afraid to live any bigger. Live your best life everyday. Live your life courageously. There's more passion and possibility found in life that way. - read: http://livepurposefullynow.com/10-highly-effective-ways-stop-bad-days/

10 Highly Effective Ways To Stop Having Bad Days

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” Nelson Mandela. If you can go bigger, DO IT. If you can accomplish more, GO FOR IT!

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Love isn't blind, life is. Bad things happen to good and bad people; good things happen to the best and worst people.

9 Mid-Week Reminders (via Bloglovin.com )

9 Mid-Week Reminders (because im addicted)

Be thankful for what you are now, & keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. Keep Fighting

I am planning my adventures, and getting excited at the prospect of stamping my passport!

Until you become emotionally whole, it is impossible to be in a healthy relationship. The alternative is continuing to repeat the same cycle of dysfunction.


This is pretty magical. I really appreciate the ending - including yourself :) it's called life. People break up and move on, you should try it!

feel happy to be alive

feel happy to be alive

Don’t Miss out on Something That

Don’t Miss out on Something That (Live Life Happy)

Don’t miss out on something that could be amazing just because it could also be difficult. – Unknown The post Don’t Miss out on Something That appeared first on Live Life Happy.