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An Immersive Forest of 60,000 Rainbow Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux

An Immersive Forest of Rainbow Numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux Big Data Art

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In the same vein as the Tron special effects guys, Tatiana Plakhova has created some rather stunning works of art centered around data visualization. Plakhova, a graduate of Moscow State University, owns the design studio Colour Atelier in Russia.

#Big data is a big deal, but it means nothing if no one can make sense of it. But some people are born with an innate ability to do just that; #Jer Thorp is one such person.

This Man Makes Data Look Beautiful

Design, we're infographic freaks. We're also avid New York Times readers. Which has us convinced that Jer Thorp data artist-in-residence.

For me, quite often I'll put things -- a timeline, for example -- in a ring. If you were to stretch that timeline out, it would be this long skinny graphic, but a long skinny graphic is not very good, especially for print.

This Man Makes Data Look Beautiful

Types of data visualization.

The 2013 Awards Are Open! - Information Is Beautiful Awards

16 Adaptation #infographic #graphicdesign

Rodrigo Machado 里斯本 葡萄牙 Adaptation 'Inadaptado' Infographic map about the film "Adaptation". This illustrated poster shows the characters' actions as well as the flashbacks and flashforwards in the film. Self-initiated project.

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Instagram Post by Jessica Robyn Provencher (@jessica.robyn)

Taste in Art | curalytics-curiator-visualization-600x600px

Visualizing Taste in Art with Big Data Curation Analysis - Curalytics and Curiator - Steffon Davis

Data Visualization : The Dark Side of the Food

Data on restaurant-associated food borne outbreaks reported in England and Wales from 1992 to This data visualization was originally made for t

Brushes tutorial - basics about different kind of fibres, where to use which AND how to maintain your brushes!

Brush Tutorial - Basics about different kind of fibers, where to use which, and how to maintain your brushes. (The one part of painting I absolutely hate is taking care of brushes!

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Installation Data.anatomy.civic par Ryoji Ikeda

Installation Data.anatomy.civic par Ryoji Ikeda


Data visualization infographic & Chart How Retailers Can Deal With Big Data - Infographic Infographic Description The Retailer's Guide to Big Data