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Neues aus dem Verlag

Neues aus dem Verlag

The Flaming Tree for the Burning Serpent Oracle, Robert M Place

There are 40 cards in the Burning Serpent Oracle but they are numbered because there is both a Man and a Woman card for and for The last two images are the design for the card back and the cover of the box.

Tarot Lenormand

Tarot Lenormand


Tarot Cards, Ss

Astrologisches Lenormand von Hildegard Leiding

Astrologisches Lenormand von Hildegard Leiding

Image result for Ciro Marchetti Lenormand

Ciro Marchetti releases the third and final print of the special self-published edition of his Gilded Reverie Lenormand Tarot. Via Deck of the Day

Video 5 - Memorizing the Lenormand Cards by Title & Number

This is the in a series of videos to help you quickly memorize the titles and numbers of all 36 Lenormand cards. To learn how to read the Lenormand Oracl.


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Tarot card reading (I used to do it in High School but not since) How to speak Farsi How to sew dresses (my sewing skills.