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Ha! Cutest thing evah

Funny pictures about Superdog to the rescue! Oh, and cool pics about Superdog to the rescue! Also, Superdog to the rescue!

blue heeler puppy

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 of the healthiest dog breeds. This adorable puppy is an Australian Cattle Dog, and has a life expectancy of 29 years! Australian Cattle Dogs are prone to develop retinal atrophy, which eventually leads to blindness.

"Is that for Me"   Whatcha got there???

Cutest Puppy Pictures and Pet Photography Tips

West Highland White Terriers—Westies—are a dog breed originally bred in the West Highlands of Scotland. They are related to the Scottish Terrier. While Scottish Terriers can be black, red, cream, or white, the Westies are always white.

Golden puppy Soooooooo cute I know this sounds really wrong but I want to eat that puppy up he is so cute Mais

Golden Retriever puppy Soooooooo cute I know this sounds really but I want a cookie shaped like him so I can eat it. Gluten Free with peanut butter of course!

Westie's LOVE to play ball! This is one spunky pet. My Westie played ball as long as you would play with her till the day she died! She never tired before you. Now they have automatic ball throwing machines. I would have loved to watch her have so much joy with one of those! This look on this dog is the perfect Westie face, always waiting for the next romp or stroll. These Dogs love land and sea adventures. They have super-sonic hearing & make great watch dogs! They hear things humans can't.

Little ceasar dog. West Highland white terrier (Westie) Love, love, love this kind of dog!

ภเгคк ค๓๏

Westie West Highland White Terriers Dogs "so tell me about your puppy days!

German Shorthaired Pointer - Puppies are soo adorable with their littl by consuelo

German Short haired Pointer - Puppies are soo adorable with their little sad faces

OMG thete is nothing cuter....♡

Pupy Training Treats OMG thete is nothing cuter.♡ - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! Youll love the dog clothes and cat clothes! - How to train a puppy?