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Nalgene Trinkflasche

Thirty-two ounces of Hydration in an easy to hold configuration. Dishwasher safe, but make sure the closure does not touch the heating elemement.

gamelle militaire

gamelle militaire

altoids tin survival bread- interesting 100_0674.JPG

Altoids Tin Bread Bake (Survival Bread)

Altoids tin Bread Bake (survival bread) - Too cool. I& going to try this at home to teach this style of survival cooking to my son.

Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove

15 Great Homesteading Projects To Make Life Easier

Do it yourself ---> ROCKET hobo STOVE rocket stove 12 Make a hobo tin can portable rocket stove + class

'Life Is Precious' Survival Kit by Fort Standard

Packaging Inspiration

'Life Is Precious' Survival Kit by Fort Standard; This is a piece of art, so let's call it 'highbrow' packaging. A great set of survival tools and gadgets to have for beginners as well as experts.

LifeStraw - Drink All The Dirty Water!  Interesting item to look into for bug out bag.

LifeStraw - Drink All The Dirty Water!

LifeStraw - Drink All The Dirty Water! Interesting item to look into for bug out bag. I drank muddy rain water through it and it was perfectly fine. Sucked some water up and spit it in a glass too.

Great way to tie the bottles together, and can take any random order without affecting others

How to Carry Multiple Bottles Using Paracord

paracord multiple water bottle holder - uses a running knot, great for small items. Wont hold as well as a bottle knot but quick release, so for a water bottle bandelir pretty good choice.

Why pay $70 to $150 (depending on quality and size) for a compact wood-gas stove, or even as much as $300 for a "camp" size wood-gas stove, when you can quickly and easily create a high-performance Siege wood-gas stove for as little as $20 ?!   No need for multiple stoves: you can even scale the Siege Stove up to suit the size of your group.

Make the best IKEA hobo stove possible with the Siege Stove Cross-Members

This simple DIY RV home made clothes washer can be had in exchange for $10 and about 10 minutes of your time. Simple and Easy.

DIY RV: Home Made Clothes Washer

DIY Hillbilly Washing Machine, for camping or major power outages. DIY for a Hillbilly washing machine. Good for doomsday.or camping!

Solar Crank Lantern - 12 LED lantern is extremely safe for use indoors, such as a tent or RV, especially by children.  No fuel to spill and no carbon monoxide or fire danger. Solar and dynamo hand crank powered,  Full solar charge provides up to 6 hours of use,  1-3 minutes of winding provides up to 30 minutes of use,  12 LED Lantern operates on high (12 LEDs) or low (6 LEDs),  Fold away hook to hang #EmergencyPreparedness #ThriveLife #beprepared #survival #camping

nice solar lantern with 6 variable light settings. use in anywhere outside or during a power outage. no worrying about lit candles.

Zen Alcohol Stoves - Cat Food Can Alcohol Stove

Zen Alcohol Stoves - Cat Food Can Alcohol Stove

Trading up from bad water to good water

Backcountry Water Treatment: What you really need to know!

Complete Swamp Cooler- oh Paul....add this to the list!

How to Build an Evaporative Cooler

Complete Swamp Cooler - How to build a low-cost 12 volt evaporative cooler. My husband and I built two swamp coolers that we use to air condition our tent when we camp in hot, dry weather at Burning Man.

We have a few new colors. This one is a survival kit for zombie hunters. Available at www.zapsgear.com.

Gear Survival Grenade is the ultimate lightweight, compact personal wilderness survival kit.

Nettes duo

Nettes duo