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The Lord of the Rings

8-Bit Representations of Famous Film Characters - What an ART

This is great for a LOTR nerd like me, but I just realized...GLAMDRING is quite a glamorous name for a sword. A reminder that they've been glamming it up way back then. @p-chy O

Middle Earth Swords

All of the dwarves + Bilbo and Gandalf

Fili + Kili + Oin + Gloin + Thorin + Dwalin + Balin + Bifur + Bofur + Bombur +Dori + Nori +Ori + Gandalf + Bilbo XD I want this on a shirt.

"Indiana Jones"

The 8-Bit Casts Of Geek Film Favorites

The characters from cult movies as version designed by the illustrator Fitz Fitzpatrick. It includes Alien, Back to the Future, Star Wars, but also The Lord of the Rings, Monty Python and Indiana Jones.