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I think I speak for all Narry girls when I say that we are so very happy for them, we're just gonna have to warm up to them and get used to having all 5/5 taken. It hurts, but we'll be ok.

Edit I just made sad truth for Narry girls << it hurts but it was bound to happen eventually

If 1D were Disney characters

That boy band, One Direction, is really a bunch of real life versions of Disney Princes ! Too bad they are too old for me :/>>>>> I wan my own Disney Princess!

I wish there were that many styles boys on this planet...but i would have probably died of attraction a long time ago.(:

I wish there were that many styles boys on this planet.but i would have probably died a long time ago.

Hey guys? Someone said that Niall announced that him and Barbara were together on twitter. Well, I don't have one. If somebody could take a picture of it and pin it to a board or send it to me that'd be great :) I want to see if its true...or at least check and see if he said so...

yasmin on

I'm so confuse. Yesterday i saw that he denied it in a radio station but ughhh idk.

One Direction


#Proudparent I wish my parents would wear a shirt like this. Theirs would say: "My daughter is obsessed with 4 brits and an Irishman she doesn't have a chance with. We failed as parents."

Dad, we are going shopping for your Father's Day present! It needs to say of two directioners, instead of a Directioner to work for my dad!

He's a special child.;) <<<< let's not forget he didn't finish school...

<<< maybe it's 'cause 2 plus 1 is three and they got the 2 from the number of competitors and the one from one direction?