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Melanie Martinez

suck it conversation heart piece from valentines day glitter bow (without the kiss me heart patch) styletto lippy

girls, melanie martinez and melanie image on We Heart It

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My crush actually lives on a dairy farm sooo

This is me when I get the feeling someone is talking about her.

Did someone mention Mel Person Yes, I said that I hate her, she is so stupid and ugly! Me: I have noo idea.


Her music has so much meaning and is so unique. Each song is a work of art so a masterpiece must have time to be accomplished.

our little bby ☺️ (did someone Photoshop this. Thats what someone said on insta)

our little bby ☺️<<<the funny thing is, I'm the same height as melanie😂😂

A ty? Którym numerem jesteś dzisiaj? Ja chyba 1

Najlepsze zdjęcia Melanie Martinez ♡ - 19

Melanie Martinez arrested for accusations of being Ahhhh Real (creative) Monster. inspo for how to wear my pvc skirt

Mélanie Martinez ❤️<<<how does she look amazing in weird outfits but I look like a potato in a t-shirt and jeans