Prospero: Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves - Shakespear's Comedy of The Tempest, 1908

The Tempest: "Ye elves to hills, brooks, standing lakes, and groves" ~ Illustration by Edmund Dulac

deep in the woods

crossconnectmag: “ Illustrations by Thomke Meyer Thomke Meyer is Hamburg, Germany based artist, creating book and magazine illustrations. Most of her drawings are clear, very muddy and dark.

floralwaterwitch: celtic-forest-faerie: {The Night and The Silent Water} by {ForlornExistence} beautiful

Venus in her Chariot - from The Tempest - Edmund Dulac -

EDMUND DULAC,Venus in a Chariot,Illustration fromThe Tempest “I met her deity Cutting the clouds towards Paphos”

Drawing Down the Moon, spring flowers  (Edmund Dulac)

"The light she had thought to extinguish had escaped from her dying hands and floated always farther across the desert, shedding its marvellous radiance over rock and stone." From Dulac, The Stealers of Light, 1916