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* * GRIZZLY BEAR - Of the world's eight species of bear, six are categorized as 'endangered' or 'vunerable to extinction'. ---------- [Elizabeth Kolbert - The Sixth Extinction


Panda bears: cute pictures and fascinating facts - Telegraph on We Heart It

Different types of bears

funnywildlife: Here is a poster of the 8 bear species. Note: a Koala is NOT a bear. Panda Bear Sun Bear Sloth Bear, Andean Bear (Spectacled Bear), American Black Bear, Brown Bear pics show subspecies) Polar Bear, Asiatic Black Bear (Moon Bear).

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Top 5 Strongest Land Animals

TOP 10 Deadliest Animals In The World - You’ll Never Guess who is - Top Inspired

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Coastal Brown Bear Sow with Unusual 4 Spring Cubs Katmai National Park, Alaska

I'm very happy tonight that you love me. What a miracle that is! I fought so long for your heart. Still can't believe at times that I have it. What a miracle!

They seem so vicious but there not if u leave them alone otherwise they are sweet and awesome the people who kill animals without a license are called poachers and I am against that I feel that pouching is wrong and bad.

Brown bear mother and cubs, Ursus arctos, Katmai National Park, Alaska by Frans Lanting Studio, via franslanting.photoshelter.com

Sweet wild baby animals Brown bear mother and cubs, Katmai National Park, Alaska Cheetahs. Just like at Wildlife Safari in Winston.

Bear mother with her cub Jan Pelcman Jan Pelcman wilderness animal nature cute

Encyclopaedia of Babies of Beautiful Wild Animals: The Brown Bear Cub lessons after hibernation

Grizzly bear mom and cub. Grizzly cubs are adorable, but Grizzly moms are ferocious, huge, and always dangerous