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A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise in an animal facility in the port city of Mombassa

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Clearly the hippo has immersed itself in turtle culture. A hippo raised by turtles is acceptable. Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends…

Well, you're looking at me, kneading your paws and giving me that "I have insomnia, so you will too  ", sign.

Finding your pet in your face when you wake up. My dog Reese does this sometimes in the middle of the night lol.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 24 Pics

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Funny Animal Picture Dump Of The Day 24 Pics

Help out our furry friends by running a food drive for pets. Donate the food to a shelter

this is TOTALLY zombie... he doesnt actually want to eat it (unless its chicken, steak or fish) but he always has to know what you have.. love that little booger

I need dis.I need dis.oh god I need dis! I know my cats act like this when food is out!