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This amazing flower carpet is set up every year in Brussels, Belgium. Click to learn more about that, and what else this great city has to offer.

Why Brussels, Belgium should be on your European travel list

I want to go to Belgium with my family one year. I have wanted to go here because I have always wanted to eat Belgium waffles in Belgium.

There’s A Mystical Forest In Belgium All Carpeted With Bluebell Flowers

There’s A Mystical Forest In Belgium All Carpeted With Bluebell Flowers

Blue Forest in Belgium - Just 30 minutes south of Brussels, is a forest called Hallerbos. During the spring, the forest's floor is covered in bluebell flowers which creates a carpet-like effect.

The portal headquarters. STR  The St. Cyr house,Brussels, Belgium(1903 , Architect: Gustave Strauven). This actually had a 'for sale' sign on it when I was in Brussels - I tried to convince my friend to buy it to no avail :)

Art Nouveau - Maison St Cyr, Brussels built between 1901 and Architect Gustave Strauven. I love Art Nouveau, but sometimes the buildings are so busy they are unsettling to me.

Greetings from Belgium

Greetings from Belgium

Photos from an abandoned car graveyard in Belgium. Urban legends say that the cars were left behind by U.S. soldiers following WWII who never returned to claim them.

Belgian Forest Traffic Jam: You Have to See These Creepy Photos

Left in the woods of Belgium at the end of WWII -- chatillon car graveyard abandoned cars cemetery belgium 4 Photos of a traffic jam stuck in the woods for 70 years