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Outlaw Queen... Whoever made this I love you

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can i just say how much i hate this marian chick right now?! HOLY CHICKEN GURL! you don't get to just come from the past and ruin this uh uh gurl! sit sown, get up and get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want Regina to be happy more than I want Outlaw Queen. We've only really had Outlaw Queen for about two episodes, but I've been emotionally invested in Regina for three seasons.

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Let's pretend this is Robin and Regina finally getting to fly away to Paris and never looking back.

Fuck yes, Her Majesty

My OTP is CaptainSwan but since there's a prompt specifically about it, my other favorite is Outlaw Queen. Robin loves Regina knowing about her past and he tries to teach her that she deserves happiness.

Nosso querido Robin foi arrancado dos fãs na última temporada da série morrendo ao se colocar na frente de Regina e salvando a vida da sua a...

Pin for Later: Once Upon a Time's Season Finale Pictures Are an Overload of Adorable Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) on Once Upon a Time.

Lana Parrilla

Awesome Lana and Sean (Regina and Robin) Lana being funny the awesome Once possibly BC aired Sunday

Doubtful; I'm sure we would've had a hint or two by now if this were happening, but it's beautiful to dream about!! <3  Maybe one day...

Death By Lana 👑❤️ on

GAH we need an OutLaw Queen Baby and a CaptainSwan Marriage NOW. >>> but Regina drank that thing /.