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I was asked how to place a blanket in our wicker basket. OK, lets have some fun with the Cloth-Tag ;) Much fun with this tutorial (y) More of my works and some free downloads you will find on my website... http://nikomedia.at If you find time, I would appreciate when you visit my Facebook and maybe like it ...

Add a blanket to our basket (Cinema Tutorial) on Vimeo

Making of Cloth in the Wind

This is a comprehensive overview of the techniques and concepts I used to create the Cloth in the Wind video. Hope you like it. Cinema was used to create this.

Cinema 4D Quicktipp / Tutorial: Interaction between Cloth and Rigid Bodies done right

Cinema Quicktipp / Tutorial: Interaction between Cloth and Rigid Bodies done right on Vimeo

Cinema 4d and MarvelousDesigner - Cloth Simulation Tutorial on Vimeo

This is a tutorial demonstrating the use of MarvelousDesigner cloth simulation software together with Cinema The script mentioned in the video can be found here:…


Free Tutorial - Cloth TEAR in Cinema (How to tear cloth with perfect detail.


CINEMA Cloth engine named Clothilde is older a bit, but it can be still very useful in many cases. In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how effective th.

Cinema4D Cloth Tearing apart - Tutorial - YouTube

In this tutorial, Joël LeLièvre will walk us through the process of creating a realistic cloth tearing effect inside of Cinema

Cinema 4D - Exploding an Object with Cloth Tag and Jiggle Deformer Tutorial

In this tutorial, Ek-isara Sareekom will show you how to explode an object using the Cloth Tag and Jiggle Deformer in Cinema

C4D Cloth Tip: Dress-O-Matic on Vimeo

A cloth technique to show off some features of the cloth tag that you might not know about.