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Teenager Post I walk down the street with music in my ears and feel like I'm in a music video.

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Because waking up a minute early feels like waking up an hour early.

Yes this happens to me all the time!

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you are trying to explain a song but don't want to sing it.

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Happens all the time :)

So relatable. So true. So totally what does not happen to me every morning. *When I try to hide my phone when my mom walks in.

I do that

Brings back memories of those days in Business Law at UNCG! Although it was not reading out loud in class but answering the questions! LOL Teenagers Related Posts>>> i always do this.

Funny Stuffs :) / lol

Lol so annoying when the kids do this. Especially if there are like minutes left in class lol

Just in case

Teenager Post Drawing an arrow at the bottom of the paper just to make sure the teacher knows to flip it over.

I did this and i just went along with the answer... i was like "Yeah thats what i meant"

That awkward moment. funny story one time in spanish class she asked what 4 was and I yelled OCHO like I owned the place.


Teenager Post - Whenever I try cleaning my room I either end up making a bigger mess, or just playing with the things I thought I lost.


This is so true! I actually found this song I loved from my childhood that I used to jam to, and now I have it on my phone and stuck on replay.


Teenager Post *phone vibrates at home* you can barely hear it. *phone vibrates at school* FREAKING EARTHQUAKE!