This is so cute.

Would you like to know what a sugar glider is eating? Find interesting facts about feeding sugar gliders and taking best care of them. DIY Fleece Glider Tree -

Make a tree for your sugar glider out of fleece! Get a piece of brown fleece for the tree trunk, cut the fleece into a large rectangle, and fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.

Sugar glider on tree branch

Sugar Glider Potty Training

Sugar glider facts & information for kids - a clear, in-depth look at this remarkable gliding marsupial. Habitat, diet, life in the wild, pictures & video.

DIY Pet Stuff...  How Cool is this? White Birch wall cat tree

White Birch wall cat tree I like this item because it natural looking and brings something unexpected. I have two cats so I would like something comfortable/attractive for them to lounge on.

Lovely staffroom Christmas tree gift!

Create a Happy Mother's Day Sweet Tree. (Use sugar-free if she is diabetic) DIY Candy Bar Tree- Fabulous gift idea for b-days, holidays, graduation or just Any occasion! Add some dollar bills to gift money!